Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Trip

So Andrew and I have decided to take a trip. A trip to Asia, Australia and New Zealand and who knows where else. We have estimated to spend a year travelling, working, meeting people and generally seeing the world but really we aren't sure how long it will take. Both of us have asked our jobs for a leave of absence and they gave graciously agreed. Taking this trip is something we have been talking about for years. Anytime one of our friends went somewhere and took a trip we would grill them about it and all the details. For years we have said this is something we would do "one day" and it seems the time has come.

Our plan is to start in Bangkok and then move on to Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Andrew also wants to go to Nepal to climb to Everest base camp but we'll see about that.
We have sold our house, and moved in with my in law's for the few months leading up to the trip. We will also try to sell our cars. We hope to be back in Canada in a year. I'm a little nervous and anxious about the trip. I feel as we have just put our lives on hold for this trip and it's a little unnerving knowing you don't have a home and that you're leaving your job. I feel like we just let go of our biggest possessions and that's a little scary. It's amazing how much comfort you find amongst your personal items. It also gets me thinking if we can let it all go that easily, why do we have all these things in the first place?
We have moved into my in law's house a couple of months ago and we are literally living with less than a 1/4 of the things we posses. Everything has been placed into storage and we live with our bare necessities. But if we can live like this, then what did we need all those other things for? It makes me question our values and our priorities. I also wonder if we'll miss any of those things on our trip. I guess we'll find out.

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