Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 25

As you may all have noticed, Margaret has been doing most of the posting so far. I figured I should add a bit of my own perspective.

The past number of days on the islands have been great. Between the diving and hiking we’ve been really busy. The real cool part about these islands is the motorbikes that you can rent.
150Baht ($5) a day gets you a 125cc Honda Dream or Click, or Click or Click forward or Click Tune up (Whoever comes up with a name for a bike like: “tune up”. Great marketing Honda!) Anyways, these little bikes are actually a lot of fun, I got one to go well over a 100Kph. If you really want to splurge, 600Baht ($20) a day gets you a full size dirt bike or ATV. Where else can you beat the crap out of a dirt bike for this cheap? And their roads, or lack of, provide some great terrain to put these bikes to their proper use. Some places, because of the coming rains, were offering bikes as low as $80 Baht a day…that’s a mere $2.50 for 24h on a motorbike.

As for the Ferry ride off the islands, it was an adventure in itself. I must say that It was the most adrenaline filled day so far. I actually got a bit nauseous. And it wasn’t because of the high waves or the boat almost rolling over every few minutes. It was because of the smell of almost all of the other passengers losing their lunch.

As I’m typing this, Margaret just freaked out because there is a big spider behind a chair in our room…………....hold on a sec

……Ok I killed it……

…...i must admit it was a big sucker….I took some photos before I wacked him and sent him off to “sleep with the fish”. (That's a picture of it)




  2. What the F is that. Magy would have a heart attack. Let Margaret, Magy thinks she's a trooper and that if she ever goes to Thailand she's definitely booking 5 star....see how you screwed me with this picture!

  3. That's funny...last night I was watching a show on National Geographics and they were showing "The Most Dangerous Animals" of the world, I'm pretty sure this guy was there. Ewww creepy! How big was it?

  4. See, told you this would be even more exciting then sitting on that island. That spider only proves it, not that you haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary other than that spider, flying roaches, school of fish….Are you now starting to blend in more? How’s the weather? Take more pictures of unusual things, creepy, sick, and exciting. Great job on the photos Andrew, keep them coming.