Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our flight from Christchurch to Bali had a stopover in KL, but due to the 36 hour delay we quite obviously missed our connecting flight.  When we landed in KL, 11 hours after leaving Christchurch, we went to the service desk to see when the next flight was.  It wasn’t until the following day, but because we were exhausted from the past 3 days of lack of sleep we asked if we could push it out 3 days.  They agreed so this gave us some time to relax in KL before getting on another flight.  Air Asia said they could only provide us with 1 night of accommodation but we said we were fine to pay the other 2 nights ourselves.  Everyone who had missed a connecting flight due to the delay was taken to a hotel near the airport and provided with food.  Andrew and I weren’t on a schedule so we weren’t too stressed out but there were people who were flying for a 2 week vacation from Christchurch to London, and they had already lost 3 days due to the snow storm and now they would be losing one more, so they were pretty keen to get out of Malaysia.  The next day Andrew and I switched hotels closer to downtown KL and we spent the remaining 2 days just bumming around the city and eating great food.  Then we caught our flight to Bali without any further problems.

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