Sunday, February 27, 2011

Landing in Australia

We landed in Gold Coast Australia but before we did the flight attendants started “spraying down” the cabins. I had no idea what this was but it turned out they were disinfecting the cabin. Apparently Australia is very particular about what you bring in with you. Not just food but diseases too. We went through customs with no problems but right after we encountered all the signs that say any food or wood products, among other things, you bring into the country must be quarantined. I wasn’t sure what we should do about the gifts of white coffee we brought from Malaysia as well as a picture of a happy Buddha that was in a wooden frame. I didn’t want it to be confiscated. We decided not to say anything and take our chances. Then we saw the dog and I was sure we were done with but somehow he bypassed us and I thought we were clear. But then our bags went through an xray machine and again I though we would be caught, but again they didn’t see anything and we were free to go. I was relieved because we had our things and we didn’t get caught and we didn’t need to pay a fine.

Our flight to Sydney was another 7 hours away but we checked in anyway and went through security. The first thing we noticed were the prices. We went to get something to eat and were shocked at the prices. Food prices weren’t much more than in Canada but after paying $5 for 2 people for huge meals, all of a sudden we were paying $3 for 1 coffee. A pack of gum cost $2.50! So we didn’t each much while waiting for our next flight.

Our flight to Sydney was delayed by 30 minutes but otherwise uneventful. I was thrilled that when landing we flew right by the Sydney Opera House. Obviously it’s an iconic symbol of Sydney and Australia and I had goose bumps looking at it. Once we landed we were met by my aunt and on the way home they stopped by the Opera House for us as well as the Harbour Bridge. It was a surreal feeling to have finally arrived here.

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