Sunday, February 27, 2011


It has been 3 weeks since we have arrived here and we have been partying nonstop with my aunt and uncle. They have graciously introduced us to all of their friends here and we have literally been at a party 4 nights out of the week. The rest of the time we have spent exploring Sydney as well as looking for a job. We have registered with various agencies and I have even done some reception relief jobs. Andrew had found a 2 week job at a construction site restoring parts of the University of Sydney while I’m still looking for a job. The plan is to work as much as we can here in Sydney and then purchase a car and drive around Australia.

So far our impression of Australia has been that it’s very similar to Canada. Less the palm trees, the ocean and the heat of course. The architecture and city planning is what really reminds us of home. Of course there are differences as well and I’m reminded I’m not home each time I see the Opera House (I still get goose bumps when I see it). The prices still shock us every time we go into a store but it’s something we are slowly getting used to. We have spent some time at the beach as well as the pool just lounging around, but we really dread the weekends because that’s when my aunt and uncle take us to all the parties. I swear they have more energy than me and Andrew and they’re 20 years older! I won’t be posting as frequently as before until we hit the road again and start exploring more of Australia. I’ll try to advise everyone via facebook when a new post is ready.

We are heading into fall here so I hope all of you on the other side of the world are heading into spring. Enjoy the warm weather! In the meantime, wish us luck finding a job quickly so we can start travelling again.

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  1. Here in Mississauga, we are getting a bit warmer than usual, but not as warm as Poland from what I have been noticing. The flowers outside of the house are still waiting for some sun rays to help them bloom. Life is still going forward, just celebrated my dad's birthday and Easter. Overall, looking forward to the +20C and above, enjoy all the time that you get on your end of the world. Hello from CANADA.